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Dawn Shroud of Cosmosoft by SuperAshBro Dawn Shroud of Cosmosoft by SuperAshBro
This is my entry for the latest Seventh Sanctum contest, entitled "Weapons and Warriors".

The Weapon - the Neogloves (Technically the Weapon Name Generator came up with "Neoglove", but I couldn't resist having a pair of them instead)
The Warrior - "This lady makes you think of an elegant piece of art. She has almond-shaped turquoise eyes. Her luxurious, straight, coffee-coloured hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a cascading waterfall. She has a wasp-waisted build. Her skin is china-white. She has a small nose and a wide chin. Her wardrobe is impractical and tight, with a mostly green colour scheme." (As you can tell, I may have taken some artistic liberties with the description )

I think my anticipation for the silver screen outing of the Green Lantern has influenced both the functions of the Neogloves as well as the costume design. The name Dawn Shroud came from the Extreme Character Namer, the company Cosmosoft from the Corporation Namer.

And, if you're interested, here's a bit of backstory for Dawn Shroud, Cosmosoft and the Neogloves. In the not too distant future, Cosmosoft is a successful computer corporation working in the private sector, finding success with their revolutionary User Interface Spectacles (or UI-Specs), which shows its wearers an augmented view of the world around them. Their latest invention, however, is a secret prototype code-named "Project Neo", which of course are the Neogloves. Powered by a new energy source known as Eco-Gel, the Neogloves have multiple functions - as well as being able to fire controlled bursts of Eco-energy as a defence mechanism, the Neogloves can not only withstand extreme temperatures but are also capable of negating heavy weights (essentially allowing a normal person to lift soemthing a heavy as a car). The Eco-energy can also be manipulated by the Neogloves to create simple objects and force-fields.

Dawn Shroud initially worked as a low-wage security guard for Cosmosoft and volunteered to test out the prototype Neogloves.

Contest can be found here -> [link]
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May 24, 2011
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